Mytho-Poetic Messengers
Foxgluv are currently in the studio recording their debut album - details will be posted when ready


Blazing a fiery trail through panoramic soundscapes, the Bioneers of the Nu West, Foxgluv, have arrived. A fusion of folklore and science fiction, pop culture and indigenous traditions, they herald a renaissance of the Imagination.
Organic electronica is their evolution of dance music, synthesizing the crystal clear sound of state-of-the-art production and the incendiary energy of live performance.
Alchemizing the cutting edge of the U.K. underground and the velvet cream core of the California experience, Foxgluv are consciously crafting a sound that speaks for itself.


New Year's Eve 2002 Video -- (WinMedia DSL) -- (WinMedia56k) -- Get PlugIn

Cult uv 8

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